What We Do

We provide capital to entrepreneurs in ways that allow them to keep more of what they’ve built. We start by ensuring their personal and corporate affairs are optimally structured. With better structures, our capital unlocks conservative and time-tested planning opportunities that generate more after-tax liquidity.

Who Are Langhaus Clients?

We believe that entrepreneurs – self-reliant, hard working individuals who have built strong businesses – are the engine of Canada’s economy. Langhaus is a financial platform designed specifically for Entrepreneurs.

Whether an entrepreneur currently operates or has sold their business, they face similar issues. To them, the line between what’s personal and what’s professional is blurry. They need to understand before they trust. And more often than not, they find the world of financial services isn’t organized in a way that makes sense for their situation. Commission-oriented sales people, siloed products that don’t fit together, a lack of transparency — these are frustrating obstacles. We’ve cleared those obstacles at Langhaus.

Entrepreneurs are at the centre of all we do. That’s not just lip service: it defines our business. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have designed a process that’s entrepreneur-friendly – efficient, flexible, and non-invasive.

Why Is This Unique?

We focus on process, not products. Our proprietary Langhaus Architecture™ process is unique for each client. We start from scratch, investing effort up front to understand and even help clarify their objectives. We then work inclusively with the client’s own advisors and with our partners – leaders at Canada’s top advisory firms – to design and implement a plan that meets those objectives, deploying only the specific tools needed in each situation.

Langhaus is a network. Some of Canada’s best tax, insurance, and M&A practitioners work on our platform to provide solutions entrepreneurs likely didn’t know they could access. We arrange for the best advice and tools available, regardless of their source. We aren’t constrained by domain expertise because we don’t sell specific products. And of course, we welcome the participation of our clients’ own advisors throughout the process.