Tailored Lending for Your Most Important Clients

Langhaus offers more capital for insurance loans than any lender in Canada.

Entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals face unique challenges, including uneven cash flow, complex corporate structures, and integrated business models. These clients require custom solutions that are not available from traditional lenders.

We Make Advisors Look Good

Langhaus is a collaborative partner to advisors. We have a proven, transparent partnership model and can support your clients’ unique insurance lending requirements now and in the future.

  • Non-Competitive Partner

    Focused on insurance lending only — we do not get involved with other aspects of your client’s business — and offer a transparent and collaborative partnership with the lender, advisor, and client.

  • Flexibility

    Unlike traditional lenders, we have the ability to work with tighter timelines, higher dollar values, uneven cash flow, and create tailored loans for your clients.

  • Experienced with
    Wealth Planning

    Adept at working with high-net-worth individuals, Family Offices and Tax and Estate Planners.

  • More Capital

    Lend against higher insurance premiums to maximize planning objectives and structures. Our average funded policy is over $1 million in annual premium

Partner with Langhaus

Let’s discuss how Langhaus can meet your unique insurance lending requirements.